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My name is Melyssa Dixon. Yes, it's actually spelled with a Y. "Y?" do you ask? Because my momma knew I'd be an artist, so I have an artsy spelling. I draw and animate, it's what I love. I hope you love it too! Being an artist has allowed me to to meet and work with so many wonderful people and I can only hope that I will meet many more as the years pass and my experience grows. So far, I have been lucky to have worked on Skullgirls as well as Wild Kratts and Littlest Petshop and other DHX shows



Guys! I finally did it!


I finally did what I have always wanted to do and I made a physical sketchbook. Im so incredibly happy guys wehhh! inside is over 100 sketches and doodles, many of which I haven’t posted up in my art blog. 

I made quite a few copies for in my store, and right now if you buy one, you also get a free button (any button from the storenvy) as well as a free sketch in the book. 

If physical copies aren’t your thing, I also have it up for digital download.

I would seriously appreciate it if you can help spread the word and reblog. Thank you so much for your support you wonderful darlings <3

I couldn’t resist not doing a Bipper pin to add to the growing collection of Gravity falls pins in my Store.

He is such a little shit, I will probably end up doing more drawings of him in the near future.

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Just a little preview of some new buttons that will be appearing in my store shortly. They will also be available at Vancouver Halloween expo this weekend.

Have a transparent Giffany and Sleeping Waddles on your blog 8>

If you are interested in carrying them around with you on your cellphones or key chains, you can preorder them in my store.

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Has this been done yet? 


Nami is one of my favorite characters to play in League next to Ashe. She is such a good support as well as being super fucking cute <3

Also Mermaid

If you are interested in getting a print of this, its now up in my store.

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I cant technically call this a Inktober because I did this a few months back at a convention. But I wanted to post here what I did for a co-worker who commissioned me to draw her OC which was super cool of her to do. I accidentally used the wrong side of the copic paper so it turned out all watercoloury, but I think it gave it a bit of a cool effect, especially on the skin :)

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This is another inktober request from the livestream of Lunar’s  spider queen character, Novera. 8> what a babe~ 

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First of the Inktober requests that I got, this one is for Jenny who wanted me to draw her character Mizuno who is a personal favorite of mine.

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well, this one is more of a sketchtober one haha. This time Soraka from League of Legends. Such a babe. 

I just realized that I mispelled INK, because I am a sleepy stupid. oops



I wanted to try and do a bit of a different styl

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